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How we work

LGC Snow & Ice Management uses the best snow plowing equipment, including shovels, snow blowers, salt spreaders and small size plow vehicles to get the job done. Your safety is our main concern, we make sure your surroundings are safe and help reduce the stress so you can resume your normal day to day life.
Snow Removal & Ice Control In Brooklyn

With the snow, ice and freezing temperatures that winter brings, private and public roads, paths, sidewalks and parking lots can become treacherous surfaces for vehicles and pedestrians.

Snow presents a variety of potential problems and risks to businesses and the public alike. If snow is not cleared from roads and pedestrian pathways it can rapidly compact and form a thick layer of ice as it melts and refreezes. Moreover, the clearance of snow is a necessary prerequisite for the effective application of de-icing salt.

Snow Removal

The safety of staff and visitors is paramount for any business or organization, but heavy snow or ice can leave the car-parks and footpaths around your site a potential slipping hazard. We understand the implications and impact that snow can bring whatever the size of your business or organization. This is why we at LGC Snow & Ice Removal made it our goal to make these surfaces safe for everyone.

Ice Control

Our trucks and staff are equipped with salt spreaders to apply de-icing agents to any size lot, walkway and sidewalks. We keep your property clear and safe!

Sidewalks & Walkways

We employ a number of different methods to clear snow and ice from sidewalks and walkways. Each one suited to different circumstances; from hand shovels for small footpaths to snow blowers, salt spreaders and small size plow vehicles for larger areas.

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The LGC Snow & Ice Management  Guarantee

  • We offer unlimited snow removal and ice control of parking lots, sidewalks, crosswalks and driveway entrances.
  • We allocate one truck to your location and it will be there throughout the duration of a weather event in order to guarantee that rapid accumulation or freezing does not occur.
  • Spot checks after snow removal have been completed to address snow drifts created by high winds, and/or any re-freeze issues.
  • No separate charges or outrages rates for intervals of snow accumulation, salt, additionally requested service or Bobcat services when needed. Our price is all inclusive.
* Disclaimer: Guarantee applies to specific contracts only.
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