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There is nothing more dangerous on a classic New York winter than the ice that accumulates at your parking lot and sidewalk. When you have standing water on a surface and the temperature drops below freezing, you are going to encounter ice - you know this black and shiny thing on the road. Since it can’t always be seen, it is really dangerous for customers and employees. If you are a business owner or operate a business, ignoring ice on your premises can lead to slip and fall injuries or auto accidents and at the end of the day you put your business in danger.

Hire a Commercial Ice Removal Business
In order to limit your liability and keep customers and employees safe, it is critical to work with the dependable New York City and Long Island Ice Control and Management Experts at LGC Snow. Most business owners think that going outside to occasionally spread salt around is sufficient to keeping their pathways safe. Controlling ice is not an easy thing to do when weather conditions are severe like they often are in New York and Long Island. To have results with ice control requires experience and the right equipment, something that LGC snow after years of snow and ice management in New York City and Long Island have. A fleet of heavy equipment and a large number of full time and seasonal employees are all prepared to mobilize 24/7.

Methodology for Ice Control & Management:

To melt ice we use Rock Salt (Sodium Chloride). Rock Salt is the go-to sidewalk and parking lot deicer. We - literally - have tons of rock salt at our disposal and a fleet of trucks available 24/7 to distribute it. Calcium & Potassium Chloride is safe for plants & animals and better at controlling ice that Rock Salt at extremely low temperatures. Applying Liquid Deicers prior to severe weather is an effective preventative measure that we relies on. Liquid deicers essentially create a barrier between pavement and ice, making ice removal simple.

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Collaborating with the right ice removal contractor can save time, limit exposure to claims, and control costs season over season. We can successfully maintain your commercial property leaving you more time to manage your business. Our expertise allows us to offer site-specific services tailored to the needs of your business. Our proactive real time approach has helped us forge lasting relationships with hundreds of satisfied customers, and proudly overseeing thousands of locations.

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The LGC Snow & Ice Management  Guarantee

  • We offer unlimited snow removal and ice control of parking lots, sidewalks, crosswalks and driveway entrances.
  • We allocate one truck to your location and it will be there throughout the duration of a weather event in order to guarantee that rapid accumulation or freezing does not occur.
  • Spot checks after snow removal have been completed to address snow drifts created by high winds, and/or any re-freeze issues.
  • No separate charges or outrages rates for intervals of snow accumulation, salt, additionally requested service or Bobcat services when needed. Our price is all inclusive.
* Disclaimer: Guarantee applies to specific contracts only.
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